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Dengue Fever Profile Test @ Rs. 999 Only

Dengue Fever Profile Test @ Rs. 999 Only

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection, found in tropical and sub-tropical climates worldwide. Early detection of dengue is necessary to prevent severe complications that could be fatal.

The test is used to identify the dengue NS1 antigen, IgM and IgG antibodies that are released in response to a dengue infection.

NS1 antigen is a non-structural protein found in the infected patients from the first day of fever up to the fifth day, after the fever has begun. If the person tests positive for IgM and IgG antibodies it is likely the person may be infected by dengue in recent times. If IgG levels are higher than IgM it is likely the person has been infected in the past.

Doctors may suggest the test if the person has symptoms like high fever, headache, fatigue, rash, muscle and joint pains, nausea, vomiting and in some severe cases of bleeding from the gums, nose, blood in the urine, bleeding under the skin, difficult or rapid breathing, etc.

5 parameters included:

  • Complete hemogram
  • Dengue – NS1 antigen test
  • Dengue IgG antibody test
  • Dengue IgM antibody test

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FAQs for Dengue Test


Which sample is collected for the dengue test?

Blood sample is collected by placing a tourniquet (elastic) band placed tightly on the upper arm. The patient is then asked to make a fist. This helps in the build-up of blood filling the veins and it becomes easy to collect the blood. The skin is cleaned before inserting the needle in the vein in order to prevent bacteria from entering. Needle is inserted into the vein of the arm and the blood sample is collected in the vacutainer.

Can dengue spread from one human to another?

No it is spread only through mosquitoes

Does dengue cause joint pains?

Yes, dengue fever may cause pain in the joints who are infected