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HbA1c refers to glycosylated hemoglobin. It is generally produced when the sugar or glucose in the body sticks to red blood cells. In such circumstances, the body is unable to utilize the sugar effectively. Hence, it attaches to the blood cells in substantial quantities, leading to a build-up in the blood. Typically, the red blood cells remain active for two to three months. Thus the reading for the HbA1c test is taken quarterly.

HBA1C Test in mysore

A higher HbA1c indicates too much sugar in the bloodstream, implying the person is prone to developing certain diabetes disorders. Knowing the HbA1c level is vital to stay healthy as timely medical intervention can reduce the risk of critical complications. This blog will shed light on what is being tested in HbA1c diagnosis alongside the requirement of this test and understanding of the results.

What is being tested?

HbA1c or hemoglobin A1C aids is measuring the amount of glucose or blood sugar bonded to the hemoglobin. Basically, hemoglobin is the constituent of red blood cells that help carry oxygen supply from the lungs to the remaining body parts. HbA1c depicts how well diabetes is being regulated. The average blood sugar levels can be checked at home with ease through a kit. It delivers a snapshot of an individual’s blood sugar levels only at a specific time and day. However, the HbA1c blood test is different from a finger-prick one. The blood sample is usually taken from either arm or a finger for the Hb1Ac test.

Benifits of lowering HBA1CIdeally, one should get the HbA1c test done every three to six months to manage blood sugar levels effectively. Suppose you are on a particular medical treatment or planning a baby. In that case, you might have to get tested more often. Find your HbA1c level with utmost convenience and reliability by opting for the best lab for HbA1c test in mysore. After all, it helps to evaluate the glucose levels and determines whether you are at risk of falling prey to diabetes or not.

Why do we need this test?

As stated above, the HbA1c test is for detecting and observing diabetes. This test indicates how effectively diabetes has been regulated over the last couple of months. It is recommended for people whose blood sugar levels are uncontrollably spiking.The Hb1Ac  also helps identify the probable complications of diabetes, such as eyes and kidney disorders so that you can get timely treatment to cure the symptoms.

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Understanding the Result

Once the Hb1Ac test is done by professional medical personnel, it is crucial to assess the results to determine the need for further treatment. Likewise, you can opt for Meritus Diagnostics to get highly accurate results for the Hb1Ac test. Usually, an Hb1Ac of 6.5% or above indicates that you are diabetic, even though you have not been diagnosed previously. On the other hand, if the level is lower than 6.5%, one might require further tests to identify the diabetes tendency. Here is all one needs to know to understand the Hb1Ac results:

  • Pre-existing Diabetes: If you already have diabetes, the ideal range for the Hb1Ac test would vary between 6.5 to 7%. Conversely, suppose the levels are higher than it. In that case, the doctor might change your treatment or recommend close monitoring of blood sugar levels. However, health conditions such as anemia can alter the red blood cells, thus affecting the Hb1Ac result. So if you are suffering from any such medical ailment, inform the doctor before the Hb1Ac test.


  • Risk of Type-2 Diabetes: The target levels of Hb1Ac might vary for people who arehba1c test in mysore at risk of evolving type-2 diabetes. In such cases, the Hb1Ac levels would be below 6%.


  • Type-2 Diabetes Remission: Remission is a condition when the person suffering from type-2 diabetes has healthy glucose or blood sugar levels for a longer duration minus any diabetes medications. The HbA1c levels for the remission stand at 6.5% or less.


Hb1Ac measures the average blood sugar levels over the last two to three months and helps find out if a person is at risk of type-2 diabetes or not. You can opt for the best diagnostic lab in Mysuru to get the test done with optimal comfort. If your blood sugar levels have gone above the ideal mark since the last Hb1Ac test, do not panic. It is possible to regulate diabetes with a healthy diet and lifestyle alongside regular exercise and doctor’s prescribed medications.

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