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Pregnant women need to take extra care of themselves. And taking care of your nutrition is an important aspect of taking care of yourself. This is because a healthy and balanced diet ensures the baby’s healthy brain development, reduces the risk of any problem during the birth and makes sure the baby gains optimal weight.

So, what should you eat? What a balanced diet consists of? And what kind of food do you need to avoid during pregnancy? Read on to find the answers and make your pregnancy period easier. 

Healthy diet During Pregnancy

A healthy diet is always recommended but it becomes even more important during pregnancy because your body goes through many changes. You also need to promote the proper development of the baby in the womb. 

A balanced diet consists of protein, fruits, milk, yoghurt, vegetables and whole grains. The body requires 300 more calories per day during pregnancy. When it comes to fluid intake, drinking plenty of water every day is important to maintain the fluoride intake that helps your baby develop strong enamel. You should also consume juices and soup while limiting caffeine consumption. Get your diet plan and analyse your health by taking a pregnancy test at Meritus DIagnostics. Nutrition During Pregnancy

Foods to Take When Pregnant

  • Fruits and Vegetables – To get sufficient vitamins and minerals, you must eat an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. They also keep your digestion system right. Fruits that provide potassium include mangoes, prunes, oranges etc while vegetables that are necessary for getting vitamin A and potassium include carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and spinach. 
  • Protein-Protein is vital for increasing blood production during pregnancy and meeting your iron requirements. Some sources of protein include chicken, lean meat, eggs, beans, and fish. While taking food rich in protein, you should keep in mind that the food should be fully cooked and have little fat. 
  • Dairy- You can not ignore dairy products in your nutrition like yoghurt, milk, and cheese in your diet as they contain essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, and potassium, important for your baby’s development. 

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

As important as it is to have a balanced diet, it is also important to be careful about some food and limit them during your period of pregnancy or they can prove to be dangerous to both your and your baby’s health. Following are the food you should avoid:-

Sugar- Food rich in sugar should be limited to avoid health issues, obesity and the risk of affecting the fetal tissues. However, you can go for a moderate amount of artificial sweeteners after consulting with your health care provider. 

Fat- Restrict the amount of fat intake by avoiding food like butter, cream, etc as food rich in fat lead to increased cholesterol which in turn increases the risk of heart disease. 

Alcohol- Drinking alcohol during pregnancy isn’t a good idea as it has serval harmful effects on the body associated with the risk of causing premature delivery, mental disability, and other birth defects. Therefore, the safest option would be to avoid alcohol at all costs throughout the period starting from pregnancy to breastfeeding.

How to Prepare the food

Consider a few things while cooking food to ensure whatever you take is safe for the fetus. 

  • Wash the fruits and vegetable thoroughly to free them from any kind of parasites that is present in the soil harmful unborn child. 
  • Make sure your hands and any utensil you are going to use for cooking is clean.
  • Cook food well especially meat and poultry. 

Healthy Lifestyle For Easy Pregnancy 

A pregnant woman is more prone to infections and illness and thus requires extra care and attention. To make the period of pregnancy free of problems, and ensure the good health of your baby, make healthy lifestyle choices. Avoid smoking, and consuming alcohol.  

Other than these, going for routine pregnancy tests is also recommended to avoid any complications during birth. Take the antenatal profile test to identify if you have any disease interfering with the growth and development of the fetus. 

By taking care of your nutrition, making moderate exercise a part of your routine and taking the necessary pregnancy tests on time, you can ensure a smooth and happy period before, after and during pregnancy. Get an appointment today at Meritus DIagnostics to talk to a doctor regarding your health and diet. 

Some of the famous test which should be done are :

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